Leaf Springs and U-Bolts

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ELO - Official Sponsor of Elisabete Jacinto Racing Team
Two Successful Teams
With a Strong Partnership

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction

We work hard every day to go beyond our customer’s expectations, by offering the right solutions, manufacturing the best products and delivering them on time.

Specifications Fulfilment

Our products and services are thought, designed and produced to the highest requirements, either statutory or from customers.

Continual Improvement

All the processes, machinery and people are in constant move, aiming the continual improvement of our products and services.

Workforce involvement

ELO counts on a focused team to achieve the highest standards of the industry. Each one of the employees is the best on its job, contributing to the continuous reach of new milestones.



ELO - Fábrica Nacional de Material Automóvel, S.A.
Casal do Marco

T: (+351) 212 244 599 F: (+351) 212 240 261


GPS: N 38º 36,411’      W 9º 05,018